Texas Texas Jeepers!

Got some video up from our Hidden Falls trio. Here’s @b0xcar working at FM TRO, a pretty tough trail that follows a creek bed with ledges, waterfalls, rocks and the like.
Ha! Yeah meant more that it spends most of its time on pavement! With the recent rains I’ve done a few creek crossings (trickles of water running through a cross street) and even some rock crawling (the rain had washed some gravel into a pile on the street). I considered going around the gravel since I don’t have lockers, but I was blocked on either side by aggregate boulders (common street curbs).

LoL !
Good decision on not climbing the aggregate boulders, you need a tummy tuck first ... hehe
What time? I haven't done ANYTHING fun in months. May have to go.
KCsTJ and I will be there by 9am. Hopefully B0xcar will be there by 10am
I'll be there at 9:00 then. What's the plan for lunch? BYOB?

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BYOB. Meet at Area B. I’m Red, then there’s Blue and you’re White. That should be easy to remember.
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