Thanks for the help


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Apr 11, 2024
Owned an XJ awhile back, wanted something mechanically similar, just got this 05 TJ with 60k miles on it and already you guys have been super helpful. Just signing up to say thanks. Things I did with your help, many of which wouldve caught me off guard on my own:

-first off, got an 05 since it wouldn't have the crummy heads my 01 xj had. Was excited to learn that!
-downloaded all the manuals (big win)
-chopstick fix. Wouldn't have figured that out
-changed out the OPDA (preventative). Didn't know those become problems
-cleared out the cowl drain
-changed all the fluids, drama free. Real glad someone said to support the trans when you drop the skid plate. Wouldn't have done that.
-did the bandaid fix on the gas fill tube so it wouldn't burp gas at me filling up at the station
-installed headrests in the rear bench seat
-didnt spend money on things that don't matter

Thanks for a super helpful forum, excited for the adventures