The Capt'n 2003 Jeep Wrangler “Freedom Edition”

Since being a bit more hunkered in my garage bunker as of late, im finally getting around to fixing a few cosmetic things and rattle can painting some exterior parts. Pulling fender flares and repairing cracks and refreshing paint where the original clear coat is gone. Here are some " before" pictures. I will post some in progress photos innthe next week as repair and paint materials arrive. Cheers.



Prep sanded and applied rattle can primer and base coats to some trim. Am trying blend in paint on fender flare instead of painting the entire piece. I also started on prepping some blistered paint on the gate hinges.
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The Hood Lamp that illuminates the engine wasn’t working. So I found some LEDs that were cheaper than an OEM replacement. I wired them to the original engine lamp harness and installed a manual switch. I hope I never use it.
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Dang man! Really nice painting. Love the canyons too. Awesome jeep.
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It’s been awhile since I posted about The Capt’n. Ive been side tracked in a positive way building a garage for the TJ and my 2018 JLRU… Broke ground July 2021. As most projects go…. “It’s always harder than it looks, takes longer than ya think, and costs more than you planned…” But worth all the efforts….




A friend, who talked me into buying my first Jeep in 2018, gave me a MIG welder that belonged to his Dad after he passed away recently. He also gave me a pile of rusty square tube steel… I’ve never welded anything in my life but he gave me a 20 min lesson and wished me well…. So my first project was to make these door hangers for the Capt’n… it’s clean, it’s solid.. it works…. AND I got really good at grinding.



Valve Cover Gasket Replacement. This week I finally got around to attempting to fix an oil leak that started several months ago. Decided to start with the valve cover gasket and am hoping that does the trick and that it’s not the dreaded rear main seal…. Replaced PCV and Crankcase valves/ grommets as well. Just got her buttoned up so I’ll see how she’s behaving in a few days.




Started on my Winters TJ "To Do" project list today... Am diving into the driveline. Removed the transfer case skid plate today... held my breath in hopes that there would not be a significant amount of rust damage between the skid plate and the frame. To my relief, the frame was in very good condition, but the skid plate wasn't so fortunate and will need to go. I also removed the front draft shaft which looks like a 1500's Spanish Armada cannon brought up from the Davey Jones Locker. The rear driveshaft is equally "barnacle" encrusted. Both will be replaced....

Any suggestions on a basic skid plate replacement? The Capt'n isnt a rock crawler so a meaty beast skid isn't necessary. Going to Go with Tom Wood's Custom Driveshafts for the front and rear replacements.

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