The Dragon Wagon


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Jul 26, 2020
Nine Mile Falls, Washington
That’s very cool. In the Marine Corps I was a motor-t operator and after you got the basic license for various vehicles you could continue schooling to be licensed on the LVS (logistics vehicle system). We referred to it as the Dragon Wagon.

This was 2010 and the LVS was delivered to the Marine Corps in the late 80’s I believe. So it was very outdated and a giant pile of shit in reality but the operators who were in it daily loved it. It was powered by a 2 stroke Detroit diesel that sat right behind the cab making for an insanely loud ride. The seats sat slightly forward of the leaf sprung front axles too. On long convoys overseas it’d feel like you were riding the angriest bull. The truck showed no mercy to its occupants. Somehow it brings back fond memories. It didn’t get anywhere fast and took a massive area to turn around and was always getting stuck.

That’s the truck that got me into trucking when I got out.



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