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The easiest light upgrade for 5x light in your garage


TJ Enthusiast
Sep 1, 2018
South Carolina
So if your like me and don’t have a luxury shop to work in one struggle might be the lighting. Anyway I was looking on youtube and found the 1 to 5 adapters in a video. They are 10 bucks in amazon so I ordered a couple. I put the lights in and make sure to use led lights with about 10 watt draw power and now I can see!

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Oct 25, 2017
Everett, Wash, United States
Yep Squatch, 572 stageV hemi, 4 speed and I have never driven it, owned it since August 1991, I just not had the money to finish it. Thanks, Tim
Dayyum!!! Color me impressed!!! (I'd add more exclamation points, but Chris will get after me if I do!) ;)

Love the second generation Chargers, in spite of the Dukes of Hazards! :)

Jay P

TJ Enthusiast
Nov 6, 2017
West Jordan, UT
Ya it’s real struggle. This weekend the lighting was driving me nuts. So on a short side story- I have a wand light with a hook on it. I hooked it on some wiring under the Jeep. Well, I lost the light before my test drive. Came back to adjust the brakes and when I looked underneath ... there she was safe and sound and still glowing!! I call her Wanda

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May 23, 2018
Morrison, CO
Thanks for the link. I've seen the 5 bulb conversions and have thought about them a lot. I have a single bulb in my 10x27' garage. I want to add two hanging florescents to with a 120 plug as well


TJ Enthusiast
Oct 12, 2018
Paint the floor white helps too with improving the lighting. Tim
Funny you say that. I just painted the inside of my garage door, and a large spot on the ceiling around my lights with white enamel yesterday. Any and all light in the place is greatly reflected now, and it’s way brighter everywhere. Been meaning to do that for years, so on a drab and rainy day, I turned on the radio and went to work. I had put a two bulb fixture in place of the single bulb it had, and put two 400w curly bulbs in it. It would probably be better if I put a couple of multi bulb 4ft fluorescents or more but hey, it’s way better than what I had two days ago.