The fortunate JK, JL of the day thread

That is the location. Did the steel railing give it away? ;)
Yep, that and the general lay of the land, it's unmistakable once you've wheeled there.
Sadly I never did the front side of Daniel, only the backside and every other trail. Bit of a bummer because we have moved to Hurricane UT. Sand Hollow is now 10 miles from my garage so I'm not complaining because East coast wheeling can't compare to out here in the desert :)
It's nice to air down and disco in the comfort of your own garage and then hop over to some of the best wheeling in the nation. Oh boy, kind of sounds like I might be rubbing that in... I am... LOL :)
AEV built JL
Stability is the name of the game.
As long as you don't mind the increase in bearing failures...and you fit the trails. There are lots of trails in CA that I have seen on vids where that just would not go. Hell, Wolfe Caves had a few trails where a rig that wide would have issues "staying inside the lines".
It's the old saying, "build to the trail".
Lost me there.
TJ's assumption being that the extra width is gained using wide offset wheels or wheel spacers to gain the width. Either of which or a combination of the two would severely leverage the bearings and ball joints, which would be the only reason for his comment "As long as you don't mind the increase in bearing failures" . This is obviously not the case in the pictures that you shared though.