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May 10, 2018
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I can’t take any more bad news, no matter which direction I turn it’s doom & gloom & it’s starting to make me nuts.

Please post some good news that has nothing to do with that out of control beer situation. I don’t care what it’s about, a new tattoo, you peed in the toilet without hitting the wall or whatever, just anything positive.

I’ll start. We’ve had the warmest winter I can remember. No snow (we’ve had some flakes & dustings but nothing that required a shovel much less a snow blower or plow). As a result the flowers have already sprouted and trees are blooming, that’s pretty impressive for this area particularly given that it began while still winter.

Below is one of my favorite plants, not sure what it really is, maybe some kind of honeysuckle, but I call them West Chester Weeds because they’re so prolific here, they grow like weeds & propagate and/or transplant incredibly easily (I can yank one a foot tall from one spot, transplant it somewhere else & water it once & it’s off to the races), they more than double in size each year until maturity, & they are the first to bloom in spring & the last to drop their leaves in fall. Most importantly they provide the best screening in that all important ‘neighbor’ privacy height (they block out from around 2 feet off the ground to about 20 feet high). Here’s a shot of one I planted in this spot about 2 years ago, it’s gone nuts. This photo is from last year but it already has leaves this year, just haven’t gotten a new shot of it yet:

Now that my kids school is cancelled they're at home. I printed a big-ass schedule to hang on the wall that outlines every hour for them from 8-3. It's challenging, but the good part? The homeschool schedule now includes CHORES! The house has never been so clean lol.
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The good news? Bitcoin and cryptos are down (perfect time to buy), stocks are down (perfect time to buy), and there's probably going to be some fantastic deals on Jeep parts and used Jeeps (new ones too!).
I went to my local Home Depot to get some non-virus related items for house projects. Pleased to see there is bleach and bottled water there. I did not need any and did not buy, it was just good to see it available.
You could have at least bought 1 gallon of bleach poured it onto the ground and performed a super smoky burnout in the parking lot. Then explained that tire smoke kills airborne Virus's......
I got random drug tested today for the 4th time in a span of 5 months.
Negative - all clear

My first job out of college required yearly physicals that included a drug test (alcohol and drugs). They also sprinkled in "random" tests throughout the year. I think the most I got in one year was 6 tests (including the required yearly physical).
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I got random drug tested today for the 4th time in a span of 5 months.
Negative - all clear

Sounds like they have decided you are the guy to test because you always pass or they want to get rid of you.

My good news is that I bought a new knife recently and it's cool as heck. For the most part automatic knives are illegal in CA so I've never had one. Found out autos under 2" are legal and picked up this little number.