The Pickle / Jurassic Pickle, Nostalgia Build With My Kids

Finally some progress! 2 forward and 1 back. New Track bar, check! New front shocks, check! New steering linkage…I messed up and ordered RHD parts…so another round of parts and hopefully I can send those back. 14YO did good work today but he’s going to need to hit the gym if he’s going to work on rusty old jeeps hahahaha.

Stock tie road definitely has a bow in it and the steering stabilizer was basically a place holder. The rod was jangling around in the body, hahahaha.

Found a bent front lower CA so deciding what to do there. Thinking about picking up a could adjustable lower CAs just in case the future holds a lift all though for now there won’t be one. However any good lift will come with them so considering some stock replacements instead.



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The new correct steering kit I found is essentially a heavy TJ drag link with a ZJ tie rod all as a kit. I can’t return the RHD steering because it’s been too long. Hoping to find a local that needs an RHD steering linkage setup for cheap so I don’t have to eat the whole thing.
We got the steering mostly on, about 95% done. Still need to tighten the stabilizer bolts.

1 new lower control arm is in, the one that needed replaced(driver front). I ordered 2 because of one side needs replaced the other does too. Well they sent me 2 different stock style arms so I have to get that sorted out.

Winch is essentially just mocked up. It can ride there a while but the washers under the plate aren’t ideal. Feeling like it’s a just a little jeep now with that up front.

Sway bar disconnects will go on soon. All new sway bar bushings will be in Monday.

Recent stuff finished:
New Tie Rod, Done
New Drag link, done
New steering stabilizer, done
New front sway bar bushings, done
New sway bar disconnects, done
New front shocks, done
Radio and new mount, done
4 new speakers, done
New front LCAs. 1 done, other was wrong part, correct part is in now.

Still to go:
Rear shocks
H&R 1” Adventure Springs
Extended bump stops
Sort out the winch mounting
Front LP bracket after winch installed
Extended tailgate/tire bump stops
New ebrake lever(randomly broke)
Pull all the interior back out and get carpet full seated and secured a little better

School is almost done for the year, hoping that frees up some more time with the kids to work on it. Having to resist the urge to just go do this stuff myself. It’s way harder than I thought it would, I guess I didn’t realize how much I really like working on jeeps.
Do you need extended bumpstops? Compare new and old shock compressed lengths

They are cut to length bump stops, currently there are none at all just the metal cup, we will cycle the suspension and see how much to keep.
We got the passenger door pulled apart, inner door handle replaced and striker adjusted. Door opens and closes better now but you we have to pull the inside door lever too far for it to work really well, lever flexes and looks like it’s going break off. I think the latch needs additional cleaning and lube or maybe just replaced. It’s way better but not 100%. I once again forgot pictures, but enjoyed working on with my son so it doesn’t really matter pics or not.