The red juice box build


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Aug 14, 2017
Tampa, FL, United States
So I’ve been wanting to make a build thread for some time now, find myself on here almost no longer at all so here it is.

Two years ago I was 17 and Bought a 1998 SE TJ with 119,000 on the dash. Very well maintained, garage slept A LOT and completely stock. Got it approved and for 5,800$ I beat 4 people in a race to get to the deal.

I had an idea of what end goal I wanted my daily driver to be. Of corse, doing a bunch of research but still being stubborn and broke, I went ahead and bought the infamous crappy puc lift, if your gonna do the puc lift do it right at least. Threw a RC 2’ leveling kit on it and after another 480$ spent ridding out DW, it cams together.
over the the next year, I went on adventures and had so many memories I made with friends I’ll never forget.

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Thanks guys, trying to post the whole other half of this but it canceled out it all. Moving on, I went ahead and got some steelies, and some 4’ xenon fenders which were over priced imo, but I loved the styling.

A couple of months after adventuring, running into some trouble, beach trips, I started being more grateful that I made the choice with the Jeep.
oh yea^ I also got some rugged ridge CJ style mirrors, and smittybilt seat covers.

Then, after months of research I settled soon a real lift, 2.5 rancho ride with the adjustable front and relocation bracket for the rear track bar. The ride quality difference was actually, stupid.

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Eventually, I bought the trektop NX, I could not be more impressed with a top...

So for the most recent two upgrades I’ve done, were done too cheap, I made my first bumper, the exact styling I wanted to fit with my lift/ wheel set up which was finished.

I also upgraded dash speakers and installed a CB, just for looks, but I’m not a ricer yet don’t worry I plan on wiring it up soon LMAO.

Finally, this is the picture I took today.
With life piling up responsibilities, I’m really not sure how long I’ll be able to keep the love of my life but either way, it’s going to stay in my heart forever. Next mod ideas anyone ?

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