The ugly vehicle thread


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Mar 30, 2017
Denver, CO, United States
Well, yeah, it's disturbing. I mean,'s a 4-door! Sheesh! LOL Love the saw blade sun visor. Not sure what the doll's head is attached to, but it's a hoot. The chains are a nice touch, too, though I might have opted for barbed wire, myself. ;) Diggin' the little '64/'65 Falcon wagon that's beside it. Love the steelies and poverty caps!
You'll never hear me say anything negative about a Falcon. My grandad drove around in a white Ranchero version my entire childhood. He even built a rack for it to haul his jon boat over the cab! Awesome vehicle with many memories of going fishing in it!
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Oct 25, 2017
Everett, Wash, United States
One car I hope to own before my time is through is a nice little '63 Falcon Sprint or convertible. My grandfather had a robin's egg blue convertible, and I remember I cried when he sold it. I think I was about four years old, and I already was obsessed with cars. I told myself that someday I would own one just like it. I still look for one every now and then...