The unfortunate TJ of the day thread

I saw this while out last night. In case you couldn't tell what color it is, they put it on the license plate. :rolleyes:
p.s. Paint job was actually good.

pink jeep2.jpg

pink jeep.jpg
I had to Google that color. I guess they made them so no "biological" man would ever drive his wife's Jeep. :unsure:

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True story: When I worked IT, part of my job was maintaining a fleet of loaner laptops, checking them out to users, taking care of them when they were returned. The loan period was 30 days. The women would bring them back on or before schedule, but I had to pester a LARGE percentage of the men to return theirs. Finally, I bought laptop bags in a shocking fuchsia color. I very seldom had problems getting the laptops back after that. Must have been the bright color reminding the guys to get the loaner back! ;)
Don't think so. The Pink Jeep Tours Jeeps are LJs, have this high roof and extended bed.
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Not necessarily. They were using TJs before the LJ came out. Look at the color of the body paint versus the door hood, and front fenders. This one was stretched and repainted.

I see them all the time since they’re based out of Sedona. You can tell which ones were stretched vs. LJs. They have a whole custom fab shop and it’s really cool :)