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Thoughts on straightening soft top frame

May 13, 2018
My 97s soft top is loose feeling on the driver's top corner, you can pull down on it pretty easy which also makes the side/ rear window not very tight. After looking at it for a while I noticed that the tube frame next to the driver's side window is slightly bent compared to the passenger side. I tried to unscrew the little torx screw and of course the side I need to unscrew just spins but the passenger side unscrews just fine. Anyone have any good ideas how to go about trying to straighten it out.




TJ Enthusiast
Apr 23, 2019
Upstate NY
Place the passenger tube next to the installed driver tube. Then you will know if/how much the tube is off. You should be able to put a small Phillip's, Allen wrench, or similar to the backside of the striped screw and then unscrew it slowly with the pressure helping to thread it out. Once all is straightened out just use a longer bolt with washers on both ends to hold it all together.
old jeep new to me
May 13, 2018
You could probably get that thing straightened right where it's at. Just get someone to come over and while one of you grab it both high and low the other one can push on the area in the middle.
That sounds like it might work, the tube is pretty stout though but I'll give it a try.