Time to get a 6 banger TJ

Ramona Wrangler

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Mar 6, 2022
Ramona, Ca
I picked up a 4 banger in Feb....time to start looking for a 6 banger w/ ac , auto.. as I'm limited to what I can do to this rig.... Doesn't have to be a Rubicon, but show me the way. I would lift it if it was stock....
Here is the way, have quick access to money, ideally cash and search, search, search and be ready to travel as soon as you find a potential deal….not easy but this is what it takes.
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I'd love an LJ!
Average mileage and condition LJs run in the $12,000-14,000 range around here. I'm sure your area is MUCH higher. I had one and sold it. I don't think they look right, unless lifted on 35s (minimum). I'm looking for a 02' auto TJ myself. Last year of the 3 speed auto.
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Yeah, they are closer to 20k here...but reality may set in and I'll eventually find me a decent TJ
You already have a decent TJ...don't worry about what others are doing follow your own way. As for a new jeep have the cash ready and be prepared to travel at a moments notice!