Tips/ideas for soft top storage?

I completely disassemble mine. It's not hard and takes less than 15 minutes to take it apart or put it together. The fabric and windows get stored under the bed in a spare room. The 3 pieces of the frame get wrapped with stretch wrap and have ended up various places where there is extra room. They've been in closets, in the attic, on the wall of a garage and on garage shelving over the years.
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Jeep shower

Appreciate the ideas (and the humor). (y)

Do you have any bare walls in the garage??
Make some mounts to hang it from

This is what I'm considering at the moment as it about the only space I really have.

Neighbor's garage when they're not home.

This is almost doable in the condo community I live in....doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who's locking their garages on sight.... :LOL:
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