Tire indecisiveness has got me all out of whack

so where do these discounts and rebates come from? I've always just bought from online stores, Gigatires, tirerack,etc. and never gotten a rebate in decades. Never looked for them either tho. Is it best to go to a local Discount Tire and make deals happen face to face?

you can just check the discount tire website, it will show you. Look for a little red tag. I think if you search for duratracs now you will find it. Happens with Grabbers and BFG's as well.
I haven’t read the whole thread, but I’ll out in a bid for M/T Baja Ledgend EXP’s on 15’s - LOVE the tire. Coming from KM3’s they are able to keep up 90% off-road, and they are 1,000 times better to deal with on the DD. From noise to ride to tread life, plus for an A/T they look pretty aggressive.