Alabama TJ Complete Partout(s)

Yeah np, I’m hurtin bad for a 1999 clock spring, I wouldn’t mind a trans mount either, broke a stud off mine awhile ago, been wheeling plenty with just 3, but still should probably get that fixed before it bites me

I have no issue with the clock spring, the trans mount will have to be a week or two. I just need to find time to get it off. $30 shipped for the clock spring.
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If you are talking about the climate control switch then It would be $40 shipped.
This part right?
Honestly a lot more than you would think. I paid 5.5 for it, it only needs a frame. And came with a new soft top.

Understood, i'm interested in several parts off of it. My daughter has one exactly like it. How is the hood? That is the main thing i'm interested in. The one on my daughter's Jeep has hail damage. But I would also like prices on the following from that Jeep please:

Fender flares
Passenger seat
Spare tire cover

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Looking for rear seat belt buckles if you have them. Shipped to 02155.
Looking for a center console for my 06 LJ 6 speed shipped to 91362. Prefer some type of tan color in good to excellent condition.
I have a 2001 TJ

OEM fog lights? I really only need the brackets but will take all of you don’t separate.

1 middle air vent

What is the condition of the dark non-Sahara seats? I’m noodling replacing mine with tears. But I only need the front.

Driver and passenger seat belts and buckle if they retract well.

Congrats on the new baby!
I am looking for a full softop and all frame, not the fastback style, full frame. I am in Ga so may be able to pickup.