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TJ door hinge bushing diameter and changing doors


TJ Enthusiast
Supporting Member
Feb 23, 2018
Wynnewood, OK, USA
Hello all, my 2002 TJ Jeep came with full doors. I recently purchased a pair of oem half hard doors. I installed the half doors, they fit perfectly and have the same diameter hinge pins as my full doors, which is 0.370"

So I bought a new set of smittybilt tube doors for the TJ, part # 76793. The doors fit perfectly in the door frame and are well made, but the hinge pins are larger in diameter, 0.430" So I removed my factory door hinge bushings in order to get the smittybilt doors on, which is suboptimal for a couple obvious reasons. I ordered a set of door bushings from eBay, which were listed as CJ YJ TJ door bushings. The inner diameter of them fit the 0.430" smittybilt door hinges, but the o.d. is too large to fit in my TJ door hinges.

So I'm confused. Smittybilt tech is shipping me another set of hinges that will correct the issue, but I would like to figure what is going on here.

Did smittybilt ship JK hinges with my doors by accident?

Are the bushings I bought on eBay for a JK ?

For something so simple as hanging a door on a TJ, this is frustrating.