TJs in beautiful places


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Sep 16, 2016
Albuquerque, NM
There's a thread like this on the Tacoma forum I go to once in a while, and it has a ton of great photos...

Let's see your TJ in what you consider a great place - top of a mountain, by the lake, in the backwoods, on the beach, in the snow, etc. @Kiwi TJ - I expect some nice stuff from NZ...:cool:

Pathetically, I have no photos yet of my Rubicon in a beautiful place...

Let me just hop the curb, scale down those rocks, and it would have been a much better shot lol

Ticket? What ticket lol

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2005 RHD TJ Sport
2010 BMW 528xi
North Carolina Outer Banks back in 2007 when my TJ was just 1 year old.


Got to join my good friend in Moab EJS 2012. His Jeep at Top of the World trail. Unfortunately my TJ has yet to make the trip to Moab :(

2008 My first time in Moab driving a rental TJ from Cliffhanger Jeep Rental following another good friend. This was Hells Revenge.

Same trip in 2008 with our rented JKU with a local showing me aroung American Fork Canyon neas Salt Lake City Utah. Wife was busy at her conference while I played lol