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Tone Ring Installation Help - Rugged Ridge Mega Short SYE Kit


New Member
Jan 14, 2021
Hi Friends,

I've been installing the Rugged Ridge Mega Short SYE kit on my '99 TJ today (NP231 transfer case). Everything has been going well, until I got to the tone ring installation for the magnetic speed sensor.

I should note that I have the instructions and have read them, however they are quite vague in places which has led to me questioning if there's a bit left out in the process of installing the tone ring.

The instructions say to install the tone ring on top of the oil pump housing. If I were to do this, once I've put everything together and torque the yoke retainer bolt, it appears that the tone ring will be hard up against the oil pump housing. This doesn't seem correct to me, as the oil pump housing doesn't rotate, the yoke does, and the tone ring would then be squished between those two pieces. (Shown below, with output housing removed)
position no circlip.jpg

There is a recess just in front of the spline that the oil pump meshes to which seems like a circlip would fit in to. (Shown below, with output housing removed)

oil pump circlip recess.jpg

A circlip would leave a small space between the oil pump housing and the tone ring and then allow the yoke to torque against the tone ring, marrying it with the movement of the shaft. (Shown below, with output housing removed)

position with circlip.jpg

Is this what is supposed to happen? Is a circlip strong enough to torque the yoke and tone ring against (at ~180-200 ftlbs)?

Thanks for any and all help or suggestions.