Took the TJ out to Glamis last weekend


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Sep 19, 2022
Southern California
Joined a couple of buddies of mine for a weekend trip to the Imperial Sand Dunes aka Glamis aka Sand Toy Capital of the World. Weekend was a blast and the TJ ran great in the dunes. 😎




It was in the mid-'70's when I first went to Glamis with a neighbor whom I painted his sand rail while I was working half days at a bodyshop, but still in high school. Couple times there and a few times at Pismo. His last time at Glamis was when they were parked with his group and an out of control water pumper (stuck throttle) rear ended his rail. Just narrowly missing his wife & kids.
The other driver and passenger were hurt pretty bad.

3 years later, I was visiting a friend in Brawley and took a cruise out to Glamis in my Ford M151-A1 but we stayed on flat ground because I was running skinny Goodyear Delta Deep Lugs.
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For those who have no idea what glamis is you will never understand what it is, especially Thanksgiving weekend, until you go there. Best way to describe it is Total Mayhem.
My sister and BIL visited from Wisconsin one Thanksgiving. While the women shopped black Friday I took my BIL to Glamis which is 2 1/2 hrs from me. He kept asking me what Glamis was. I said there is no way to describe it you have to experience it. We spent the day cruising around and watching the knuckleheads at Olds mobile which is one of the most challenging dunes. That night we went to Competition Hill, this was the last year they allowed people to congregate there at night. Think Mad Max on steroids. Over a thousand people and rigs of all description. People pouring gas in the travel lanes and setting them on fire and rigs driving through them. Fights everywhere and just total chaos. We left about midnight before we would be stranded in this mess as things would only get worse. On the way back home I asked him how he would describe Glamis to his friends and he said there is no way to describe it. I have not gone for a few years so I do not know if things have calmed down.