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Toplift Pro single person hardtop removal (anyone seen this in person?)


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Jun 12, 2016
Fort Collins,CO
I used to remove and install my hard top single-handed on my back. I'd get in stand up a little with its weight on my shoulders and walk it back & off. It wasn't the easiest job but it worked well enough that I did it that way for a couple years. I finally started using an old electric hoist from Harbor Freight I had but it was hard to get the top centered well enough underneath it so it came off level without swinging around. Once it swung around after clearing the rollcage and popped my eye hard enough to give me a HUGE black eye. Which happened the day before my 1st day as development officer for a hospice. I had to give an introductory presentation of my plans for the year that first day and when I walked up to the front to start with a big black eye I'm sure they were wondering if they hired the right guy lol.

Nothing makes that job easy lol

Lol damn

yeah this jack makes it super easy. After 4 years soft top only, my hardtop will be going back on this fall lol.

just another reason i am super stoked my wife got a Ruby JL, amongst other obvious reasons ha
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Mar 2, 2020
east texas
love my lange power hoist. being i have limited space i have to pull my boat out, back my jeep in and remove the top. pull jeep out and then back boat back inside. i can either leave the top hanging or lower it and let it sit on the rear deck of the boat. well worth the $235 spent.
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