Tow hook recommendations for stock TJ

Serious question, would adding those recovery points on top of my already crowded front bumper (grade 8) bolts compromise strength during recovery? Picture for reference, i currently have the front bumper going through a winch plate, savvy winch guard, and a few thick washers to line everything up because i wanted to retain the front bumperettes.

Mount them or recovery hooks in the area in the red circle with Grade 8 1/2x13 bolts that are about an inch longer than what's in there now and you'll be fine. Those bolts thread into the frame below, they only pass through the bumper.

I have the Curt tow hooks with the clip on my front bumper. I’ll have to look closer at them because I don’t remember them being rounded on the bottom. I’ve had them on there a little over 3 years.
I have had good luck so far with the ones from Buyers Products Of course now that I say that they will be just like Curt.

One of the sets that showed up was in fact that brand. Like most things, I suspect there are only a few suppliers and everyone is buying the same BS from them. I know this has been going on awhile now since a few of the sets came with Savvy bumpers in the last year or so. Before then, they were all the good ones. I haven't bought enough of them lately to figure it out.
I wanted the retaining clips which the expensive Warn didn't show

You used to be able to buy just the clips from JC Whitney, and they were stainless steel.
The last ones I got with a set of hooks, rusted shortly after.
Some hooks advertise stainless, but I'm leery.
Updating this thread, I had ordered a Curt hook and just like @mrblaine said, it was seriously rounded on the bottom, it looked like a beached rowboat (see pic) I wanted the retaining clips which the expensive Warn didn't show in the pic, but I ran across these: which have clips, the holes line up with the front bumper holes and they come with clips. Best of all you get two in the package. FWIW they claim a 10,000 lb. rating.

When they arrived I opened them up and there was a very slight rounded/raised ridge on the bottom, no where near like the Curt. I took them out to the shop and it literally took 30 seconds to flatten them on the benchtop belt sander (with an aluminum oxide abrasive belt). I think most of it was paint. After a quick re-paint they are ready to go. These will work for both the front bumper and the rear frame.

First pic is the Curt, followed by the XSTRAP

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View attachment 499199

Does Xstrap Standard know how these are used?


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yeah I saw that but pretty much all of the ads are like that for Chinese stuff

Yeah, I was swiping through the pics and went right by it then a second later though what the hell did I just see? 🤣
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I wonder what kind of reply I’d get if I sent them “the holes don’t fit my hitch pin”. 🤣
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