Track bar bind

5 lug Won-Ton’s?
It’s sort of an unknown, and I’m not touting it as an example of off road weaponry.

it runs well, the engine transplant and auto meter gauge work is a great piece of work, even the parking brake light has a warning light.has air, heat, all stock function.

it is in really good shape cosmetically and is very complete , And I’m having a good time learning.

This is how you fix the rear suspension bind with short arms and track bar. Itll drop out 18" free length coils without taking a track bar bolt out. It also improves handling, flex and gets rid of the rear steer.

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So you put some tall extension track bar mounts on.? Does this bring your track bar back to its stock position ? ( more of a flat position? How tall are they and do you have a pic of the rear track bar at ride height with the Jeep’s full weight on them ? What inch lift do you have ?
It all works. Dave gets about every inch of travel available. All properly cycled and bumpstoped. I believe most all of his brackets are available for sale.