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Trail ride in Washington's Tahuya Forest this past Saturday


Jun 16, 2019
Washington State
This past Saturday, I went on a "newbie" run put on by a nearby 4x4 club called "Quadrapaws". This was my first off-road trip with my new 05 LJ Rubicon.

I have a few pics and a couple of short (boring) videos. Nothing of me and my Jeep tacking the trails...I was solo and without a videographer.

Our group that day was all Jeeps. Mostly Wranglers from YJ to JL, with one build Grand Cherokee.

My LJ at a stop on the trail (we stopped a lot for some reason).


And a pic of part of the group...


The last trail of the day is called "Route 55" (or something like that). So named because it used to be an easy, high speed run. Not so any more. The club has improved the trail to make it a Moderate difficulty one with a row of large stones (that I heard called "The Qualifier") at the bottom entrance. The stones do create a bit of a "pucker factor" for people like me with little experience and it does require some lift and large tires and a little skill, or some dragging of skid plates and/or rocker guards. I'll link a video at the end.



Before tackling this, a brand new Jeep Gladiator joined us. 3 days old! The guy gamely attempted the entrance and was going to try the trail. But his length and side steps were a problem and he got hung up pretty well in the stones. Got hung up to the point that he needed to be pulled back off and give up.


The trail consists of dips and troughs (steep), stones and logs, and some tight turns and trees.



And more boring videos... I didn't have a trail camera hooked up, though I do have one that I plan to use in the future, so all you get is a few hand-held videos out the windshield as I drive some easy bits. Shown is the more open portions of the area. Much of it is much closer in the woods with narrow passes between trees, stumps, logs and boulders, with some Jeep-width crevices as well. Big trucks would not do very well in most of this area.



Supporting Member
Jul 27, 2018
Seattle, WA
Nice! I took my LJ there yesterday on a "newbie" run with the Washington State Jeepsters group... Missed ya by a day!
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