I've made a little progress with Trail_Willys. Big milestone was I have learned to setup differentials. Both front and rear ring and pinions were ruined, and I thought it would be a great time to learn a new skill. The front axle is completely rebuilt and back under the jeep.






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All very clean, especially the disc brake conversion. I had one these back in the 70's. Getting it to stop in traffic with the tiny drum brakes and 31" tires was a white knuckled adventure. I always thought a Toyota 4cyl EFI set up would be ideal for an old flat fender. Maybe when I retire and have a little more time....
Thank you!
I've actually had my eye on the Jeep 4cyl... Plenty of power for a 2k lb Jeep... Or a Kubota diesel swap, or a VW TDI swap. Either way, I want to keep the T-84 and D-18. Disc brakes were a must. I don't want to die for nostalgia.
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Cool. Just needs a lawn chair and maybe a radiator and time to wheel it:)

A lawn chair is a upgrade from the factory seats. I've actually been thinking about the seats from the TJ, since I want to install some custom prp daily driver seats on the krawler.
I have the radiator but it didn't make the photo.... Time is the real problem
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