Transmission/Transfer Case Leak


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Aug 30, 2021
Chico, CA
I think I know the answer to this one but I wanted to double check anyway.

Recently took out my transfer case for a rebuild.
When I removed it, there was RTV sealing the transfer case to the transmission.
During the rebuild, I cleaned all that off. The service manual did not call for RTV there so I didn't put in any on it on reinstall.
After driving it, it's now started to leak from that seam. My skid plate was soaked so it's not a seep.
Removed the skid plate, wiped off the seam and after a minute it starts coming out again.

Should I have sealed or put a gasket in-between the transfer case and transmission? Why was it sealed previously?

A new seal was put in the transfer case, so either the seal is bad or the transmission is leaking.

Any advice? Thanks.
Seal in back of transmission? Wrong transfercase input length for the type of transmission?

The one I put in had the long input shaft. My old one had the medium input shaft but that was the aftermarket TeraLow case.
32RH transmission. Spline count and shaft length are correct, i'm almost certain of it.
No RTV or gasket is required there, the leak is coming from the transmission output seal or the t-case input seal (or both). The output trans seal can definitely be replaced without much effort once the t-case is out. I think the same can be said of the input seal on the t-case but I can't visualize it at the moment. Somebody will chime in.
I had the pleasure of replacing my transmission (32RH) output seal twice in 2 months. It was 100% my fault, I slightly nicked the new seal surface during the install, got everything back together and the drips slowly came back. Had to tear it all apart again, but the second time was the charm. And no RTV between the transmission and t-case.

If it is leaking bad enough, it should be easy to see which is low, the transmission or the t-case.

Good luck, leaky vehicles annoy me. I do my best to keep mine drip free!