Trip to Big Bend National Park


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Apr 3, 2021
I'm new to the site, and thought a previous trip would be the best one to post. This occurred a few months ago, but was the longest trip I've done in my 06' LJR. We did the primitive roads through the park, which were great .They weren't challenging, but it gives you the ability to get away from others . I was stunned by the landscape in Texas. The geology changed constantly throughout, truly incredible.


It was incredibly windy this night, and the tents were fully exposed. The views made it all worth it as we camped on the Rio Grande.



The last night we slept in the Chiso Basin campground. We didn't have the wind issues, and it was nice to have a table and running water nearby.


Some frozen fog off a hiking trail, never seen that before. Temperature was dropping, and we knew we'd have an interesting drive ahead.

Time to drive back to Louisiana through Texas, as a winter storm hit.


I've never had to drive through these conditions, but luckily there was no ice for us, and no one on the roads.


We stayed in Alpine, TX that night, I think it hit 6 degrees. The next morning we drove from Alpine to San Antonio, and the interstate was pretty clear. Medians littered with rolled 18 wheelers and vehicles, it was a little surreal.


Last day we made it home fine, I-10 was actually kind of nice with nobody on the roads. If anyone has any Big Bend questions, feel free to ask. Was well worth the trip.
The pictures probably don’t do the true experience justice. Great pics! I’ll be heading to the BB Ranch State Park later this month, staying near the river. Anything you wish you would’ve done that you didn’t? Anything you didn’t pack that you wish you would’ve?
We wanted to do some more hikes on the last day, but the weather was coming. Only thing I really did differently from other trips was bring a ton of water. With no cell service, wanted to be prepared, and that was in February. I'm sure you already knew that though.