Every man should have a welder for a few projects here and there
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Can I call my truck a tow pig like everyone else? I don't have a trailer, but it does a little bit work!

I bedlined my rocker panels this weekend in an attempt to fight a small rust spot above the rear wheel well arch. I am confident the rust is not forming in between the body panels, but from old exterior chips and existing peeling paint. Everything I researched and I kept coming back to Monstaliner. 5 year updates with photos and it still looked great, so I bit the bullet and bought their 1 gal kit as well as a gallon of their universal primer.

I sanded the rockers for 4 hours on Saturday. I got rid of all the clear coat, and running a towel over these areas produced a fine white dust after I was done.



Taped everything off early Sunday morning and cleaned it really well with MEK. Then went to town with their Universal 1k High Solids Primer and the liner. I am pretty happy with the results, it should be dry enough for "light duty" use this afternoon and fully cured after a week.