Vibration at idle/ small muffler leak


Jun 2, 2021
I’ve been chasing a somewhat rough idle issue for a month or so now, I first suspected the IAC I cleaned it several times it did not help, checked all plugs and they looked great, but today I was checking fluids doing some routine stuff and noticed my muffler dripping some water so I put my hand under it and could feel some exhaust leaking out. The jeep runs much better when it is hot than it does cold, which leads me to believe it could be the exhaust leak(s) causing this. This is the only leak I have found so far, and it does not make any ticking noise or other exhaust noise. Any tips?
When you fire up a cold engine the exhaust will get condensation in it. Drips are normal as well as it dripping out the tail pipe. The colder the place you live the worst it can be. If you dont hear obvious leaks Id leave it alone and not worry.