Water Bottle for TJ


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Jan 15, 2023
Has anyone found an insulated water bottle that will fit the TJ cupholder and hold 32 oz? Maybe something smaller at the bottom to fit the 3.5" cupholder? Patriot Customz makes a 32 oz but it is 3-11/16" which is too big for even the bigger hole in our cupholders. Mine is a 2000, not sure if the cupholders changed over the years though.

I saw this idea too which is interesting: https://www.etsy.com/listing/1279637304/tjlj-water-bottle-holder-for-jeep
They actually made Jeep coffee mugs at the dealership when I brought my Jeep in 1997 that fit perfectly into the cup holders. They were insulated and all colors too. That was ages ago and they stopped making them. Over the years mine were actually stolen along with my Mopar lighter element at the dealership when I took my Jeep in for warranty service. I saw a lot of insulated water bottles at the 99 cent store that would fit. But because of rampant theft all those stores are closing now. The only real solution is to have the store set up the aisles virtually online and buy it and pick it up. That would end the thieves. If the doors are locked to only online receipts, that would stop the smash and grab too. Either they would have to get a job or go without. No more rampant stealing and putting stores out of business.
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Don't forget one of these for those long trips into the wilderness. 🤫