Well finally!

The ad confused me when I looked at the pics. :unsure:

Automatic transmission

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I'm sure glad I dont have to go on marketplace anymore ! man I hate it and I'm a stockholder of META. I've never placed a add on there but it must default to automatic because I notice alot of adds that said AUTO and when you looked at the pics its a manual. but never saw one marked as manual that was auto.
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almost forgot about the FRAM oil filter to get me the WHAT WAS IT 35MPG ? honestly I have to say what a joy it is to have finally have a JEEP that will actually climb a hill on the hwy without having to drop a gear or 2. I know I'm going to hate driving my 97 SAHARA w 3.07 gears now because this one feels like it has twice the power .

Two Jeeps and an awesome bass boat ? Good for you man!
yea and the boat hasn't been out for years, its in the garage covered with 2 inches of dust ! :(:(:( I brought it up to Blue Ridge 2 years ago and it cost me $1k to rebuild the fuel system in it ! damn ethanol gas .

Still that’s a nice boat, I had a 19’ triton. Old age and a bad back caused me to trade it in on a pontoon.😕
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Thank you. She'll be 25 in December. Still runs 80+ .