Well, that sucked?


TJ Enthusiast
May 3, 2021
I leave my jeep parked on the street. We only have single car driveway, and that is my wife's spot to park, so that is what it is.

Even though the jeep is my driver, I only drive it a couple times a month.

I notice the other day, a spatter of random broken car parts in the street in front of my house. Not terribly an unusual thing, busy street, lots of crap falls off random cars. Figured some scrapper lost part of a load.

Went out to drive the jeep today, and I guess the random spatter of car pars was from whomever sideswiped my jeep. Both driver side rims were scratched with rubber transfer, couple of extra scratches on my flairs and some paint transfer on my rock slider. Less than the damage I would expect on a good day on the trail.

Mad? Naw, jackwagon got his.
That's the nice thing about driving something all armored and lifted. My ex wife got hit one time by some girl in a Buick...but my ex was driving my 6" lifted full size Bronco on 35s. The Buick bounced off into a ditch, totaled. The bronco had some paint on the tube step.