What and how to test when buying used winch

Andy Maurer

Sep 7, 2018
St. Louis
I am looking for a winch and found someone selling a Warn Zeon 12-S for a good price. Per the ad it’s only been used a couple times, but when looking at it what should I inspect and how should I test it to ensure it is worth buying?

Mr. Bills

TJ Addict
Nov 24, 2017
Area Code 530
Have the seller demonstrate that it powers in and out, the clutch works, and it free spools.

If the seller can't or won't demonstrate that his used winch is in working condition you transition from potential buyer to gambling man. Only you know your risk tolerance and your betting limit.

I recently upgraded my winch and sold my old one. I made sure that all the mounting bolts were free and that it wouldn't take more than a few minutes to disconnect the power cables but waited for the buyer to see for himself that the winch worked as it should before I pulled it from my jeep.
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