What did you do to / in your garage / shop today?

Made up these little woods stands to help store my roll bar temporarily while redoing my Jeep. It is kind of awkward trying to store it otherwise. Scrap 2x4 and 2.5" finish nails

18" tall btw.

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Spent Sunday morning moving stuff around in the garage clearing what I possibly could up off the floor.
Sunday afternoon I degreased the floor and used a surface cleaner attachment for my pressure washer. Worked out really nice, got alot more up off the floor than I expected to be there as well as tons of old loose floor paint. Dehumidifiers been running since Sunday night so I can get the floor paint rolled on soon.

After work today I degreased and hand washed the interior side of the garage doors. left side is not cleaned and right side is clean in the photo below. Looks much much better in person.

Once I got the doors cleaned off I progressed back to painting and put 2 more coats on the 3 perimeter walls again. As of now I am finally finished with painting walls.


Not sure what to do with the pegboard yet & also got to box in the cinder block as the original ripped scrap pieces of T1-11 was way past its service life.

Floors finally ready for paint now.
Cut in and rolled a 1st coat after work. Not my first choice for a garage color... but this particular color is the cheapest compared to the other colors for some reason but it looks better than it was before. Would have liked to do it all at once but dont want to disassemble and move the toolboxes to the basement. Next week I can do the other side.
Applied a second coat to the floor yesterday.

While waiting for floor paint to cure being that im not really able to do much else, I decided to disassemble the steps leading to the basement tonight to clean up this area and resolve the goofy stair stringers. Whomever built them built them from scrap, the top step was about 1.5" longer than the others. I need do some calculations now to bump the stringer back about 1.5" & up a hair. The steps were originally were boxed in but I kept snagging my boot on the frayed plywood risers which were nailed to the face of the treads as the plywood wasn't cut flush.
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