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What did you do to your non-TJ Jeep today?


TJ Addict
Ride of the Month Winner
May 30, 2017
Atlanta, GA
Hit a salvage yard this weekend that had a perfect front passenger XJ fender in the same color code my Son’s Jeep needed. 2nd week driving last year a lady backed right into him. Also scored a fully functional overhead console with wiring harness for $15. Overall a nice haul. Cleaned up and installed the fender Sunday. Man XJs are dead simple to work on.





Supporting Member
Jun 15, 2017
AZ, United States
Went to fire up my 03 Chevy today and nothing, nada, not even a beep. Checked the volts and 2V. Optima red less than a year old. I am pretty done with those now. Sick of throwing good money away on crap batteries. So I am looking for a new quality battery. Went to Interstate but they were closed, so going to check them out on Mondayish.
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TJ Expert
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Ride of the Month Winner
Feb 6, 2017
Kelseyville, CA, United States
Nice Sammy!
Thanks! I've added a few things to it, power steering, lower gears in the transfer case, winch bumper and winch, box in rear and elevated rear seat, windshield fold down kit and wheels and tires. It already had a rear locker, roll cage and spring over lift. Fun and quiet. Like a street legal side by side at 64" wide at the out side of the tires.
I think there is one thing that makes the TJs special, and I think many of us think the same. It's the last real Jeep. Something about the Jeep died when they started making the JKs and the even worse JLs. Just doesn't seem to be a Jeep. I will try to hold on to and maintain my 06TJ. Not to sell , but I think they will become a classic as the last in a long line of America's great inventions.