What did you do to your other vehicle today?


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Apr 2, 2020
Merritt Island, Fl
Figured most of us have other vehicles that we mess with besides our TJs - post about your adventures with them here!

I'll start:


Water pump from my '85 300SD. Pump is only 4 years old, front bearing grenaded. Fan was wobbling as a result!


Front of engine. For those who find a 10 year radiator lifespan acceptable, this is what a 36 year old radiator looks like.


The rest of the crap. Waiting on parts now.
Put gas in the Frontier, and the Altima, too cold and raining so Corvette is in the garage. Knock on wood nothing is acting up, so no repairs but inspection time for the Frontier so maybe they will find something?
Ordered factory keys with the remote start button for my new-to-me truck. I found it came with remote start, just hasnt been activated (y) The antenna is there under the dash. So to activate it, I spent $20 for a Forscan license. Now I can play with all the options that were not activated from factory
Not today but latest wrench turned was successfully replacing the oil filter adapter gasket on my F150. Way more time consuming than difficult, and was one of those just flat messy pain in the ass jobs that I don’t want to pay somebody else mega bucks to do. Cost me a shirt, plus parts.
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About to change the oil for the first time in the new 2500. Need to order some BFG KO2's for it. Factory Firestone AT's are garbage in the rain, or on wet grass. Cant believe they even market this tire as an "AT".
Not today, but Saturday I replaced the front valve cover on the Murano, cured 90%of the oil leak problem. Since it's my get to work car I will look for the other small leak this Saturday!!
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Aw man. This thread just reminds me of how much I’m neglecting my other projects. Ugh. There’s so many.

‘78 f250 4x4 ranger Supercab trailer special
‘78 f250 4x4 ranger xlt Supercab camper special (12v)
‘73 f250 4x4 crew cab
‘63 econoline panel van (289, ford 9”)
‘47 cj2a
‘51 cj3a
‘52 Cj3a

Me getting another tj a couple weeks ago after about 6 years without one has REALLY put a damper on all the other stuff, we’re just having fun riding in the jeep lately. The kids LOVE it.
Got my broken self canceling turn signals fixed. Now I wont be accused of being old and leaving my turn signal on.
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I just replaced the one in my '72 to fix the broken hazard switch about a month ago. Had to take the whole thing apart 3 times because the horn kept going off after torqueing down the steering wheel. Come to find out the cam had a little metal flange that was hitting the center shaft and completing the circuit. Frustrating that it wouldn't really appear until everything was tightened up.
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Installed the toolbox from my old Cummins. This has been sitting in the garage for 7 years, need to remove the Cummins decal now

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