What did you do to your other vehicle today?

I cleaned and re-oiled the air filter on my wife’s WRX. It has a Cobb big SF intake and stage 1 OTS 93 octane tune. It’s been hesitating badly at WOT lately and making a gurgling noise at 1k rpms under heavy throttle. Turns out the air filter was the culprit! It’s always nice to get a pleasant surprise and a two-for-one fix when i really just expected to be doing a normal maintenance task today!
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Actually drove one of them today. Since I picked up the TJ, its been sitting in the drive way for probably 3-4 weeks now. Its my little economy gas saver.

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What is that? I don’t recognize it. Looks pretty nice

Its a '23 Kia Forte GT2. Basically an econo box with a turbo charged small displacement (1.6) four cylinder, appearance package, and some suspension "goodies." Nothing fast by any means, but it can be fun to drive. Its comes in a 6spd manual (GT) or with a 7spd DCT (GT2).
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My rust repair last year is starting to bubble again (obvious crack in the paint). I used duplicolor with their clear so I'm chalking it up to poor quality paint. Going to sand it again and this time bedline the rockers and wheel well. I've read a lot of good reviews with monstaliner. The next free weekend I have I'm going to try and get this accomplished.

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I changed the oil pressure sensor in my 12 Silverado half ton. The problem wasn't the sensor, but the screen below it gets clogged. Fortunately, I wasn't getting disco codes or performance issues, just the light. It's located on the top of the engine, at the very back. About 6" between the engine and cowling and about 4" between the firewall and intake. I left my blood sacrifice to the auto gods
I changed the oil pressure sensor in my 12 Silverado half ton. The problem wasn't the sensor, but the screen below it gets clogged. Fortunately, I wasn't getting disco codes or performance issues, just the light. It's located on the top of the engine, at the very back. About 6" between the engine and cowling and about 4" between the firewall and intake. I left my blood sacrifice to the auto gods

Been there done that, not super fun
If it's any consolation it's easier the second time...

Only because I busted off the grey locking tab and tested the position of the main clip to make sure I can press it. I did remove the filter screen, so hopefully this goes an additional 150k miles 🤞🏼🤞🏼
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Well guy's, I have been checking in here and there on the forum, but my Jeep is down for now. It had a really bad death wobble about 2 weeks ago when I was going straight and about 35-40 mph. I hit a bump in the road and it wobbled so bad I had to try to get it in the median and stop completely to get it to stop wobbling. We will have to get it on the lift and go over things re tightening etc. BUT, until I can get it on the lift, my hubby brought me a new to me car home. :D I was complaining about the Mini Coopers lousy ride and told him jokenly, I wanted an old school Cadillac. Well, a few months later I now have this. LOL


First thing I did was start getting the old primer off. I used Easy Off oven cleaner to strip the primer off of it and take it back to the original color. Although as you will see, the hood does't know what color it wants to be. LOL





I was planning on getting it drivable so I could drive it sometime this summer and then work on the rusty back window during the winter. Well, hubby's kid came over (he is a window guy) today and they took the chrome off the back window to see how bad the rust is back there. It is bad. Hubby will have to figure out how he is going to patch it. He say's he has a Cadillac at his work he can probably cut some metal out of it and maybe try to fabricate something for mine. He isn't a metal guy though, so we will see how it goes.


Just before they did that, I had been working on stripping the interior out and prepping the floor board and trunk area for Por 15. I plan on doing that while I'm on vacation this week.



Then tonight when hubby was working on getting the old seal off the back window on the outside, I started removing the old vinyl top. The plan for that is to get it prepped for paint and paint it white. I'm going to leave the trim that holds the vinyl down all around the car on, so it will give the illusion that there is a vinyl top on it. LOL That what I am hoping anyway. :D


I will say, I am super nervous about them removing that back window. It needs to be done but man, if they break it somehow, it's not like I can just run down to the auto glass shop and buy a new one. I'm doing a lot of praying that they will get it out in one piece. :D

So, since I can't post much about my Jeep for a little while, I will post in this area when I do something to my "other ride". :D Oh, and I named her Cruella Blue. :D
Was doing some general maintenance on the Pathfinder in preparation for a trip to Hidden Falls the first weekend in May. Took it around the block, got home and immediately smelt that familiar sweet smell of coolant. Looked under it and sure as sh%t, there's coolant. Dang ole cross tube gasket on the passenger side has given up. Pretty much only way to get to it is drop the transmission and TC. The RMS has a small drip, so I guess I'll go ahead and drop it off to have those done....ugghhh.

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Replaced the original radiator in my ‘99 Silverado. After 24 years and 180-some thousand miles, she finally cracked one of the plastic tanks. It also had a good size mud daubers nest on it. Replaced it with a Denso radiator.

View attachment 465597

View attachment 465598

I’ve always wondered what the inside of a modern plastic tank radiator looked like when the tank cracks. The is the original radiator off the ‘99 Silverado that I replaced in Oct ‘23…24 years old. Not really what I expected. I kinda thought the plastic would have been eroded somehow causing a weak spot, leading to the crack. It’s hard to see, so I circled the cracked area. Had a little crud built up in the bottom too.



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Took it out to Hidden Falls and had some fun. We were out there for two days. To busying wheeling to get a lot of pictures, we will work on that next time.



Got the Por15 done on the floor boards and also got the correct headlight bezels and grille installed. I need to modify the wiring and remove the 2 prong connector and add a 3 prong to the "high beam" lights wiring. I'm going to try to just wire it up to the current 3 prong connectors on the "low beam" so they will all come on low, and then maybe, all come on on high. If anything I think they will all come on low, and maybe just the inside lights will work on high. Not sure really, never dealt with 4 headlights like this. The way the stock headlights work is the low beam lights (outer lights) come on with the switch, then when you step on the high beam switch, the inner high beam lights come on. I just don't know if from the factory, if the low beams also have high in them or do they stay as low beam? I will have to mess with it and find out.

Yesterday we made room for it in the carport, so now I can work on it in the shade and out of the weather. :D It actually made it on it's own power. Hubby drove it because we still don't have the seats done and need to weld on the back window. He sat on the floorboard. LOL Next up is going to be a tune up, and check the brakes. I did ask him how it rode and he told me, "like a Cadillac". LOL :D

I only bought one can of Por15 and then got nervous about it being enough so bought another can. Didn't realize I got gloss in one and flat in the other. Oh well, won't see it anyway once the carpet is back in. LOL

The new headlights. They are halos that also flash with the turn signal. Just like the Jeep. :D


Sitting in the carport all snug as a bug. :D That is hubby to the left. :D Had to move two cars and rearrange the stuff in there to make room for one. LOL

Sanded the rockers to prepare for monstaliner. This was a long project (3-4 hrs). Hard to see with the white paint, but any gloss was removed. Wiping these areas with a shop towel and there's a bit of white powder. Should be good for primer in the morning. I'll get up early to clean and tape everything off.

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