What did you do to your TJ today?

Installed my Odyssey Battery, Installed a Dual USB/Volt Meter in place of the ashtray, Installed a set of KC Floods on my front bumper, Installed new Mucket Gaskets and tried to adjust my half doors.
The Odyssey Battery Neg terminal is smaller than the cable clamp and the 2 new ones I purchased. Emailed Odyssey and they said they have had this issue with some Jeeps??? Suggested I get adapters that fit over the post such as ones at AutoZone.
I pulled the ashtray and retaining clip and cut a piece of black plastic to install over the opening.
I opted for the old school halogen KC floods. Cant help it, I'm old :)
When I traded my oem black soft top for a Best top NX Sunrider, I accidently gave him my mucket seals as well. :(

And took the grandkids up to Peters Mill Run for a day of Jeepin'. A great day was had for sure.
I painted my new Riddler diff covers, then had a shop regear to 5.13s, put in a TrueTrac up front, and replace the ball joints and wheel hubs. I think I did the hard part. :)

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Bought the last of the parts I think I need to put the new radiator in when it shows up next week. Current one blew up Friday.

Started stripping off stuff to get the radiator out, plus I’ll change out my MAP sensor and install the Viper coil that’s been sitting on the workbench.


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Installed Magnaflow catalytic converter kit. Had to drill out holes in in manifold flange collar 1/16th. Other than that great fit. Bought from forum vendor kolak. Thanks for the fast shipping and great price. Dynomax muffler and walker tail pipe should be here tomorrow. Plan on painting those with black header paint prior to install. Will post pics when done with install. Links to muffler and TP

Also purchased this for 6 bucks from Home Depot in the plumbing section. Made cleaning out the cowl drain much easier. If you have an A/T it is much easier from the drivers side

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Replace console lock cylinder. Thanks to the forum this was easy. And just now became a supporting member. Love this place. It has a homey feel. Learned lots here already. Although I had 99 Sahara about 20 years ago I never modded it much.
Almost forgot. Sanded the contacts on the hood light gravity switch and put in led bulb. Pic is in broad daylight. At night it is really bright. Had the hood raised for about 8 hours Saturday and it never got the least bit hot.

Also installed led back up bulbs. There is a difference but not a huge one.

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Ball joints and brake job finished today. Most work I've ever done mechanically, and I'm super thankful for a landlord with an arsenal of tools he basically forced me to borrow so the job went way smoother than planned.

Everything is antisiezed to hell now though so there shouldn't be any issues taking it apart in the future.

Can't wait to get new shocks & springs haha.

Without the right tools a small job can become a headache. Looks like you've done some nice work!

Big or small jobs it's addictive to work on the Jeep.
Without the right tools a small job can become a headache. Looks like you've done some nice work!

Big or small jobs it's addictive to work on the Jeep.
For sure! We ended up needing a hammer drill, angle grinder, and a sledgehammer for the passenger side. He saved me at least 3 trips to the hardware store!

Its definitely addictive. Honestly just sitting there trying to figure out the best way to tackle the job is a ton of fun.
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Had my 33s rebalanced, rotated as well, installed the ZJ steering linkages, shortened my Antirock links due to some rubbing at full twist, installed all new cats from Flowmaster, new rear main seal, new O2 sensors and new iridium plugs.

For the longest time I thought the TJs just drove poorly, turns out this wasn't as well maintained as the previous owner said. Even with the stock tires on it, it wandered and wobbled. Now its nice and tight and you aren't chasing the wheel down the road. In fact it's tighter than the 2020 used Gladiator I test drove. Granted that still had the aluminum steering box that there is a TSB out to replace.