What did you do to your TJ today?

I just replaced mine with a Fenix Radiator, Fenix number: JEEP1682-PA32A. They are like the Mopar ones with plastic top and bottom tanks. So far it's going great. I'm in Australia but I think Fenix is in NZ.
Yea I saw fenix for sale here locally too. Got one from another supplier. Same plastic top and bottoms. 2 year warranty so will do for now :)
Several days ago I found the steering stabilizer was weeping from the shaft seal; the part looked like it could have been an OEM original.
The pivot point that is taper fit into the tie rod was rusted in place. Tried soaking with Kroil, PB Blaster and even applied an ATF/Acetone mix; the castle nut came off, but the taper fit continued to hold tight. Tried snugging a bearing puller around the tie rod and pressed on the castle nut/stud and smacked with a large ball peen and then moved onto a sledge hammer; the taper fit continued to hold tight. Applied a MAP torch flame to the stud for about 10 minutes (the only heat source I had available) with the large bearing puller snugged down; the taper fit still held tight.
Finally went to a friends house to use his Oxy/Acetylene torch; applied heat to the taper fit area of the tie rod for almost 10 minutes with the large bearing puller snugged down; when the rusty taper let loose both my friend and I jumped backwards as the bearing puller flew past us.
Cleaned the tie rod taper hole, applied anti seize paste to the bolt on the axle side and a small dab on the taper fit and installed the new stabilizer; torqued bolts to factory specs.

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Finally got my new Eaton Elocker installed in the KP60. I had to warranty my first one and waited over a month to get a new one. Lucky as they only had 15 made and next batch was 6months away!

I was able to pull strings and buy one of the 15 while they processed the warranty.

Tank mode this weekend! Locked and loaded. Gonna test it out at a local Fire lookout tower, see if we can get to the top!



Nothing. Worked on the Mercedes instead. Rear driver's side window has a plastic piece that keeps breaking. Figured out why and I think I have it fixed permanently now. We'll see...
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This past weekend I injected a bit more technology into my Jeep. Sony XAV-ax5500. I did have to slightly mod the Metra brackets to fit it. I used the Amazon dual plug suggested on a double din install thread here and it worked great
Any tips on getting the skid to line up after reinstall or is it just one of those things where you have to hold your mouth right?
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