What did you do to your TJ today?

I found out why the stock TC skid is called a shovel.
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Here is a pic while I waited patiently to get tugged of the shelf I got high centered on.
Is that the kit that comes with the steering stabilizer, or did you re-use the stock one? I bent my tie rod a few weeks back and I've been looking at those, but I just replaced the stabilizer like 6 month ago.
I bought the one with the stabiliser as mine was still the original one. But you can buy it without.
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Mine hates to be petted, but will chase a tennis ball all day long. One day she loves to ride in the Jeep and the next she will turn her nose up and walk away. Quirkiest dogs I have ever owned.

Everyone knows, or should know, that loving something one day and going nose up the next day is a cat thing but riding in a Jeep, or anything, would get the nose up no matter what.

Now I got this stuck in my head:
download (7).jpg
That they are
Wonderful dogs, horrible pets
One time when my wife was pregnant she was out hiking with our ACD (leashed). Another bigger dog (unleashed) came up on her, acted a little aggressive, and our ACD instantly went all Lawrence Taylor on Joe Theismann to the other dog. My wife wasn't crazy about our ACD, but she loved how he'd flip a switch and be ready to lay down his life to protect his family.
I drilled and then tapped holes in my front spring perches. I have never tapped a thread in anything before and had convinced myself I was going to mess up. You cannot imagine how pleased I am that it seems to have worked out perfectly.

Then I cycled my front suspension to work out what bump stop extension I need.
I'd had a rough weekend, so I took the day off, just because it was supposed to be a sunny day and I had a mid-day appointment I was needing to work around.

First thing this morning I washed the dust off the Jeep, wiped it down, and sprayed some 303 Protectant on the top and windows. After the appointment I replaced a retainer that was not correctly installed on my tailgate's weatherstripping.

I never understood why they designed the weatherstripping to stick out of the seam like it did on my Jeep. Turns out, it wasn't put together right by some previous owner.

I had to hold the top corner of the weatherstripping in place as best I could when closing the tailgate, basically needed to slam it closed, and the rubber always got jammed in the gap. This is what it looked like closed.

Left side Before.jpg

The right side had everything tucked up nice and neat, like this:

Right side.jpg

I pulled the loose weatherstripping back last weekend and noticed there was a retainer pin in the door metal, but not the rubber. There's a spot on the outside edge of the weatherstripping where a retainer would be inserted to secure the rubber, so I thought maybe the retainer ripped through the rubber; but nope, rubber was solid. I pulled the retainer out of the door, measured its head diameter and ordered a Dorman replacement.

Here's the replacement part:


Here's the package & part number if you need them:

Dorman Package.jpg

Pushed the retainer through the weatherstripping with the tip of some needle-nose pliers...

Retainer in place.jpg

Then used the pliers to seat the retainer into the door metal, and when I closed the tailgate... perfection. Didn't even need to slam it to get it closed.

Left side After.jpg

Then I wiped all the weatherstripping on the doors with some silicone spray.

It's been a great day here; hope you had one too, fellow Jeep people.
Picked up the Jeep from the re-gear shop after sourcing parts since July.

5.38 gears (REM finished)
Eaton E lockers (I’ll do the wiring later)
New axles
Ball joints
Yukon 30-spline free spin kit
15x10 Method wheels (no wheel spacers required to clear the calipers…thank goodness)

Darrell is known as the best in Tucson. I didn’t rush him and got it back after about a week.

$2145.00 for labor seems more than fair to me especially since I know he spent a ton of time on this.





I’m definitely excited and hope it all holds up well (I’ll know soon enough).