What did you do to your TJ today?

Waiting for parts...so I decided to crack open the cowl and fix my wiper issue... passenger side had about 30 degrees of slop. Whipped out the big blue glue gun and put a fat tack and fixed it.

Now I need to find new screws, speed nuts, rig a cabin air filter and replace the rubber seal. Too bad nobody sells a package.

Also tested my oil pressure fixes...fail... probably worse...drove about 5 miles to warm up the engine (yesterday I did rear main, oil pump, pickup and pan seal) and as soon as I went to idle it dropped to zero and check gauges chimed. Then it wouldn't pick back up to 40...hard bumps and whipping the Jeep left around hairpin turns would get it back. Pulled the sensor...oil inside the new wire plug...ordered a dial gauge and one recommended on Amazon from previous posts. No lifter noise. Engine is healthy-ish. If the dial gauge shows zero I'm dropping the pan and replacing the crank bearings.

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Let my wife drive it - with the MBZ down, I really don't want to drive the Jeep all the way to Belly Dance class when she only needed to take the granddaughter to her dance class about 3 blocks away from the house. So she drove the Jeep and I drove her Fiat. At Belly Dance, the discussion about which foot to tuck behind for a curtsy continues... (!!)

The Savvy TC shifter kit arrived today - no stickers and no directions as widely reported. Looking forward to getting it installed, whenever that turns out to be!
I had a rough country 3.25" lift and have been replacing bits as I go...today, I leveled out my 2" rake by installing some Teraflex 4" lift coil springs

Also put some adjustable control arms on the other day and did the ZJ steering upgrade....I need and alignment now - haha