What did you do to your TJ today?


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Jun 28, 2020
I'm targeting 2.5" of suspension lift, 1-1.5" of body lift and likely 33s
+1 for that build.



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Sep 26, 2019
The wrench slipped and I punched the axle. More of a skinning than a cut and the impact hurt more. I shook it off with a string of choice words. No superglue needed.

My mouse finger hurts using the PC today, that's the extent of the injury.


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Mar 10, 2020
Jacksonville FL, Quezon Philippines
Before leaving for a holidays trip to the Philippines I removed the drivers seat that had seen better days. The seat is the original 22 year old factory installed seat which has compressed padding, torn vinyl on entry side and torn carpet style material near the console along with weathered vinyl.
I dropped the seat off at an upholstery shop recommended by a friend who owns a restored ‘77 IH Scout.
All the vinyl was replaced, the carpet material repaired, padding either replaced or more padding installed and the original center material was retained for originality.
The shop used the repair as fill work since I would be gone for a month.
Since I am not restoring the seats; just repairing for daily use… the entire repair cost was $300.
My brother picked up the seat yesterday and I will install once I get back from my trip.



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Dec 29, 2022
NE Ohio
Y'all are killing me! 🤣

When I'm in the garage I generally say "you're not working until you're leaking fluids". Blood, sweat, tears, whatever...

I love the big lift and big tire look on a Jeep, especially on an LJ, but it's a slippery slope. My impression is that a total of 3.5" or so of lift is about where you reach the base of the arc where the curve really takes off and the list of supporting mods becomes longer and the budget increases significantly (SLE, CV driveshaft, adjustable control arms, steering components to adjust geometry, then of course regearing, bigger rubber, etc.).

Am I reading that right?

How tall can you go in an LJ before you need to start changing a lot more than just springs and shocks?

Again, I'm a NOOB to TJs (LJ in my case) but my initial read is that 3.5" total lift (including a q or 1.5" BL) is about it before you need adjustable control arms, SLE, Track bars, home equity line, etc, etc. I have more experience with 3/4 and 1 ton full size Fords than with Jeeps (though I've had a YJ, a ZJ and a WJ).

My uses for the Jeep are primarily as a daily driver, but it'll see use off-road around the farm, some "snow wheeling" necessitated by our rural living arrangements and lifestyle and the occasional off road trip with the local Jeep club (frequency of that is yet TBD).

Looking for kind of a "hot stock" type build not a full on rock crawler. I'd love to be built for that someday, but the time and budget right now just don't support it and quite honestly, I'm not sure the condition of this machine justify that level of investment.