What did you do to your TJ today?

Gave mine a quick bath this morning. Nothing fancy as rain is moving back in next Tuesday/Wednesday.

getting myself motivated to give my shoulder rotators something to scream about tomorrow- it was finally warm enough to give a good bath- so a little polish and wax is in order

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It looks great! I feel your pain. I had my left rotator cuff fixed last August & the right side was done in 2017.
Anyway, I use Griot’s Garage 3 in 1 Ceramic Wax. You can find it at most auto parts stores or you can order it on Amazon.
It’s VERY easy to apply. The trick is to apply it in the shade & then put it in your garage & don’t let it get wet. Apply a second coat 12-24 hours after the first coat & you’re good to go. Dirt really doesn’t like to stick to this stuff so washing is easier. I don’t know how long this stuff lasts, but my Jeep is still beading water like crazy & it’s been 10 or 11 months since I’ve applied the wax. Have fun!

Epic, man, epic.

Absolutely amazing scenery and a great adventure!

Thanks.... the 2 islands (North and South) are only a 3 hour ferry apart but the scenery is completely different...loved spending time with my family down there.
I decided to drive all day in the end.(rather than split it over 2 days).. Left Christchurch at 4am and got home at 11.30pm....a few stops and a ferry ride in the middle. 800 miles approx.

My Tj didnt skip a beat the whole trip. 2,236 miles in 2 weeks....the only causality is the window washer failed on the way home.....bugs covered the windshield so had to keep pulling over at gas stations to clean it.....hoping its just a fuse.
Looks like it should polish out to me !

After about 3 hours of sanding with really fine grit sandpaper and Emory cloth and then a 10,000 grit polish that crank looks good. Hopefully the next set of rod bearing agrees lol thankfully the standard size is pretty common and I can buy them one at a time.