What did you do to your TJ today?

Got back to my dog and my rig today.

Dog got attacked by a coyote who luckily ran away after I yelled at it like a psycho. It rolled her but she seems ok.

I found a hole torn into the cover of my Jeep tonight. The interior was filled with rat shit/piss. Lots of it and I wasn’t happy. I’ll be doing a more extensive cleaning job tomorrow and praying I don’t find any more surprises.

Thats odd a single coyote would do that?

Might want to take the seats out so you can really get at em with a carpet cleaner and odor neutralizer
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Don't the vacuum hoses have something to do with the blower motor speeds?

I believe they are just for the blend doors and to switch positions between like defrost, vent, and floor on the selector. Mine is the old slider instead of knobs too. It goes through all the positions flawlessly.
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I’ll just have to break out the meter while I’m waiting in the parking lot for my daughter to get out of school lol FSM says these things could be responsible for fan only working on one speed. When I changed the switch originally it would only work on speed 3 but still only one speed so I swapped it back to the original switch since it fit without modifying the metal bracket on the back of the switch. The resistor still looks new and shiny as I could see it when I replaced the fan. I had tested the ohms on it before but will have to check it all out and try the other switch again now that the fan is replaced. Maybe it’s a burnt wire, that’s kind of my suspicion because the pigtail I replaced when I changed the resistor and relay was a little crisp

Also, I'm from rural Louisiana, and speak fluent redneck. I've dated a few trailer park queens. If they have standards, they're lower than the average person would think. Hell, they dated me!🤣

True story; I got evicted from a trailer park at age 30. It was the highlight of my life so far.😵