What did you do to your TJ today?

Finally got my cargo liner that got lost in delivery for a couple days. Threw it in this morning.
I ordered a 53030495 crankcase vent (CCV) from Amazon and received 4 of them.

What should I do with the other 3?

keep 2 as spares and sale me one ?\
edit- can you send me the amazon link from the specific seller if you can ? maybe i can get 4 🧐
not bad for 13 bucks
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Any of yall know any good body seam sealer,since I'm gonna respray and clear the fire wall I wanted to seam seal,the factory foam sealer stuff just peeled off very easy when I was scrubbing&degreasing the fire wall🙄
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I did a bunch of things to my TJ today and recently.
#1. Today, I had my console lid wrapped, because after I painted my console and lid, all the paint came off the side of my lid and adhered to the white sides of my new leather seats. It looked horrible. I used adhesion promoter on the console and lid before I painted them. I didn't have this problem when I painted my door panels, but nothing was lying against them. I even covered the lid with a clear coat, plus, I waited 24 hours before attaching the lid, but all the paint still came off, down to the plastic, and adhered to my new seats on the sides. So, I had the lid wrapped and I cleaned all the paint off my seats with acetone. Luckily, all the paint came off my leather seats and the acetone didn't damage them.
#2. I added front chrome tow hooks to my TJ. I had to buy them in black and have them custom chromed, because they didn't make them anymore in Chrome.
#3. I touched up the doors and added door guards to my TJ. These doors guards are really nice because they don't move, and have links sealed on both sides, so they can go around corners and not damage the door.
Console Lid Wrap.jpg

Console Cover1.jpg

Front Tow hooks2.jpg

Door Guards.jpg
I gotta do an oil change. What brand of oil filters do people recommend?

wix 51515, Its an oversize filter i like to run sir !
Y'all can knock me if ya want but the bigger the filter should filter some more ? Thats what my 19 year old brain thinks but the smaller filters work but knowing the abuse i put my 4.0 through i like that bigger wix filter apart from 3k change intervals i do !