What did you do to your TJ today?

Had a new thermostat installed. Just bought the TJ mid summer and didn't really pay attention. When it got clder I noticed the temp gage was about 150 and lukewarm are from the heater. Turns out the previous (before the dealer) had installed a 140 thermostat. The jeep was originally from Fla. and Ga with a short stay in Mo. before I bought it. No garage and 30s temp so I brought it to local shop. They put in a 195 thermostat. Much better!
Looks like the TJ will be parked for a while unfortunately. I got attacked by a conveyor belt at work Wednesday night and had to be flown to Inova Fairfax. After two surgeries in three days the doctors are optimistic about keeping my arm but it looks like my pinky might have other plans. I have a long road to recovery and probably won’t be able to drive a stick for a while or even work on my Jeep but I’ll still check in and try to help anyone I can. I have three more surgeries scheduled for next week. They’re flushing the wound out and applying artificial skin since I no longer have any on my forearm. Thankfully it wasn’t worse. Sorry for the gruesome pictures in advance lol

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Oh my gosh, hang in there my friend.
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Installed all my constant tension hose clamps using the part numbers from this thread by @MountaineerTom : https://wranglertjforum.com/threads...urces-for-constant-tension-hose-clamps.28271/

This tool was really a life saver, I don't know why I've never bought one before. I didn't even have to remove the lower hose at the water pump, I just put the clamp on the tool and worked it up into place and released. I did have to pop the serpentine out of the way but that's a piece of cake.

hose clamp pliers.jpg
I heard those FRAM oil filters will get you like 30MPG ! :)

I definitely haven't seen it. Lol i do changes every 5k and it seems to be filtering just as much as any other filter would. At low enough intervals the filter brand argument starts to be moot.

The Savvy stickers though, those babies add some serious uptravel;)
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