What did you do to your TJ today?

Thursday I installed the BMB LED tail lights and yesterday I installed the license plate lowering bracket.
The design, fitment and quality for the price are quite exceptional.
Thank you @mrblaine !!!

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A big part of wanting to make my own over buying Genrights was to build a different “step”. Mine is placed at an upward angle higher on the slider. It sticks out 2.5” from the body. Aesthetically I am more drawn to the tube style over the “bar” style that attaches near the top of the slider. Even tho the clearance is more with that style.

These are looking nice. The bits and pieces I have seen of project super secret sliders are coming together well.

Yes, the two bends do not add up to a 90. Preloading was required to get them to fit tightly against the tub.

Love it. Thanks
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Nice Jeeps, good lookin' hounds. (y)

Thanks Chil, we have a good supply of dogs.

I met the guy with the yellow out one night in mine - We have became pretty good friends and he is a really impressive, common sense person. He is the real deal when it comes to this platform and really knows what’s going on with a coil spring suspension system.
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