What did you do to your TJ today?

I swapped the valve cover gasket (Felpro). The one that came off was the factory installed one. Hopefully this clears up my "rear main seal leak", LOL.

I also installed a set of Kentrol hood latches. These eliminate all hood flutter.

Installed an Alpine amp and Kicker sub along with the Tuffy rear security enclosure. The amp mounted nicely to the Tuffy enclosure. The red bag is my small med bag for the VFD.

Installed the fire extinguisher with a quick release mount.



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I am trying out this amsoil Off-road grease for the first time. Looks like good stuff but has anyone used it for there Johnny joints? Also my bfgoodrich k02s are nearly bald after approximately 25k miles. They are oe size for my 06 rubicon. Is this normal?


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2WD/4WD vs AWD, or just the conditions
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I’m betting it’s this difference between all-time AWD and the Jeep being part-time. The BFG AT KOs are fantastic in snow—I spent a season living in Eagle county in CO and never got stuck with the 33x10.5” and the snow was unnervingly plentiful.

I’d also say that that snow vs. wet frozen slush, or even a glean of icy surface, a TJ is going to want to fishtail quickly due to the short wheelbase. My LJ is even quick to slide out.

If traction is questionable at all, I’m in 4H, even heavy rain sometimes. I’d rather eat the MPG hit than pull my LJ from a ditch, or worse, the body shop.

If you are sitting in snow and slipping, or there’s any snow on the ground, just pull it into 4H and keep it there. Don’t be afraid of it even if you turn on wet pavement. Hear or feel any binding, slip it into 2H, make your right radius very slowly with no momentum, then pop back into 4H to continue owning winter.
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I plan to install my clear turn signal and side markers with the orange bulbs that I ordered and received, today. So, I guess this is a before picture.

Grabbed some centramatic balancers off marketplace to see if they improve the town fair balance, and everything that is said about them on here is correct. Smooth up to 80.

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Wait, what? I run Super Swampers and best balance i get is with balance beads. Isn’t bad at all once the flat spot works itself out. But what are this thing you speak of. I’ve only seen on big rigs
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I finally had the lower control arms installed on Thursday that I purchased from @freedom_in_4low. The mechanic said my front axle was way out of whack because of my bent passenger lower control arm. It's way better on the road now 😁 I had no idea 🤣. Today I changed the oil and filter and installed a new thermostat and housing. I'll see if that gets rid of my p0128 code.
I am completely flabbergasted and frustrated... I changed the door handles again because the ones from TRQ turned out to be shit and in the process I have lost a door crank handle!

I have looked in the Jeep - under the seats, between the seats and the console, etc. I have looked on my work table. I have moved everything out from under the work table to look there. I have looked in my tool drawers. I have shaken the door to see if it has a new rattle. I have taken the Jeep out of the garage and looked on the floor. How in the hell could I lose a crank handle? So annoying. :mad: