What did you do to your TJ today?

Welp thanks to @sab I’m all done with El Jeepo for the time being. Sitting in front of the fire as she looks over my shoulder having a celebratory splash of Crown on an empty stomach. Lol


Well, @matkal, while you were making progress on the TJ, I've been making progress on my 98 Subaru transmission crossmember mount repairs. I'll be posting an update in the "What did you do to your other vehicle today?" thread this evening. I'm currently at the house for a beer and pizza - yum!
Changed my oil and I found a piece of piston🙃
I thought it was my flex plate bolts again but no...the oilchange confirmed it wasn't,saw it fall down and there it went to my oil pan collector deal so I can't just fish it out

No blowby though! so a part of my sideskirt probably fell off,luckily she still rips but it won't be getting nitrous anytime soon until I get my spareblock machined😆
wasn't expecting to do a stroker so soon but oh well 🙃...I'll figure it out somehow

Anyone know of a decent machine shop here in the Dfw area in Texas?Ed's machine shop in fort worth did my Sbc but that's a ship I personally known and dealed with,but there's mixed reviews so my next time with that shop could be different 😶

@Jezza i cant remember if you got a honing Machine? But do you ?
Pm me if you want to keep it private !

Edit #2 What do yall think of the 5.0 stroker? Anyone that has one could you share some info about it?
I was looking at cleggs engines and they got a 5L stroker that extra liter would be awesome imo, it would probably be fun N/a but not too sure how it would like Boost along with high Rpm though..... maybe 7k with an Ati super damper but even then i wouldn't know
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After I met up with @AndyG and @Hog I came back home from Fort Payne.

Took the wife grocery shopping, picked up oil and filter for the oil change, stopped by Tractor Supply for a 50lbs bag of dog food.

Got home, unloaded 400lbs of fertilizer for my dad to use on the garden and yard.

Pulled the Tractor and greased, or tried to, the U-joints on the PTO shaft, got to order an assortment of metric zerks because all I have a ASE.

Pulled the Tractor out and the Jeep in the shop. Changed the oil and filter, greased everything and backed it out of the shop.

Then I fed the dogs and came into the house and sat down on my tired behind.

Oh I did add some decals under the hood.

I had a pair of these I put on that @DougyintheBushies gave me.