What did you do to your TJ today?

After all my LJR brake drama I noticed it was not stopping “full power” Friday pm and Saturday, just felt “normal” and Sunday the pedal was really soft. Turned out to be the drivers side rear bleeder that would not seal off. I keep new ones on hand. Installed and bled….the big brake kit now exceeds any Jeep brake kit have ever felt. Next is a pinion vibe on my TJR I want to solve.
Checked with my SIL’s code reader;


Had to change the oil in the JKU today. Once that was done, I decided to check on a high idle I've been fighting on the TJ. I had already cleaned the IAC and assumed it was a faulty TPS, and just hadn't gotten around to changing it.

Then I remembered a crucial piece of information... While I had in fact cleaned the IAC, that was BEFORE I swapped throttle bodies. So, THIS IAC had in fact not been cleaned. 🤦

A few squirts of TB cleaner later and she seems to be good.

False alarm. Still rev up to around 1k on cold start. I've checked everywhere for a vacuum leak and can't locate anything. Almost makes me think there's a crack in the intake manifold, but if there is, I sure can't find it.
Let’s came in to finish the rebuild on daughter’s 97. Apparently tan frictions are no longer hip, now everybody uses these graphitic frictions. And raybestos likes to do 50/50. The thicknesses are way different. The tans are 0.089” vs the new style are 0.061”.

They gave me and extra one, so I’m wondering if I can fit another steel in there to get the right clearance.

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Welded up the front upper control arm for the 3 link today, and tossed it in and got everything all set. Used a Barnes enduro joint so I will see how it holds up compared to my Johnny joints.
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Did the 500 mile, break in, oil change on the rear diff and decided to double check my pinion angle. It was low by almost 2* so I bumped it up to 0* +- .3. that little adjustment removed a good deal of vibration at 70 mph. Liking it! Went out on Sunday for an easy trail ride in the snow and mud and now I'm really starting to consider some wider flares. Barely can see out the side windows or mirrors.

An accessory company in Israel that nobody's heard of before! The thing is certainly very well made - whether or not it makes sense is another question.

They make aluminum skid plates that are pretty well known in the Land Cruiser community. I didn't realize they made anything for TJs but see a few pieces on their website now.
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